Edlund Associates Inc.

Design/Build Landscapes in Harmony with Nature



A large garden
Edlund Associates, Inc. promotes sustainable landscapes - finished projects that can be maintained for years after installation with little long-term effect on the environment. Sustainably landscaped sites provide social and economic benefits not only to the immediate site but also to the surrounding area.

We strive to create design solutions that have minimal impact on a site. We work to preserve and protect existing trees, soil and other materials on-site where possible. Unusable materials are recycled or properly disposed of.

We emphasize proper soil preparation, which creates healthy root zones for trees and plants and provides adequate drainage, oxygen transfer and nutrients. Healthy soil produces healthy plants and reduces runoff to protect water quality for people, fish and wildlife.

We advocate the use of native plants whenever possible to provide biodiversity, wildlife habitat and water conservation. We choose the right plant for the right place to minimize the long-term maintenance hassles of overgrown plants.

We design our irrigation systems to be as efficient as possible to conserve our precious water resources.

We use only organic or slow-release fertilizers on our projects. Pesticides are used only when necessary as part of a best management practices approach to weed and insect control.

"I don't divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one."

~Luis Barragan