Edlund Associates Inc.

Design/Build Landscapes in Harmony with Nature



• Avolio Residence, Renton WA
• Selis Residence, Kent WA
• Webb Residence, Renton WA
• Baker Residence, Renton WA
• First Savings Bank Northwest, Renton WA
• New Horizon School, Renton WA
• Hurtgen Residence, Renton WA
• Wibmer Residence, Renton WA
• Obermarck Residence, Renton WA
• Boscolo Residence, Edmonds WA
• Harader Residence, Renton WA
• Kindred Hospital, Seattle WA
• Barbee Forest Resources, Renton WA
• Middleton Residence, Federal Way WA
• Beden Residence, Renton WA
• Highlands Community Church, Renton WA
• Sunset Park, Renton WA
• Kiwanis Park, Renton WA
• Highlands Park, Renton WA
• Maplewood Golf Course, Renton WA
• Ritchie Residence, Renton WA
• Langley Ridge Development, Renton WA
• St. Stephen the Martyr Parish, Renton WA
• Fujisaki Residence, Kirkland WA
• Tappero Residence, Renton WA
• Thompson-Wright Residence, Kent WA
• Gaw-Landes Residence, Renton WA
• Maple Valley Historical Society, Maple Valley WA
• Kyes Residence, Renton WA
• Belmondo Residence, Renton WA
• Pfeifer Residence, Kent WA
• DuNann Residence, Woodinville WA
• Valley Medical Center Campus, Renton WA
Customer comments:
  • "Thank you so much for all the extra things you are doing...staining the bench, putting in the pvc pipe for the soaker hose, trapping the moles, etc.
    You have endeared yourself to both me & mom by your professional demeanor and your personal touch.
    We are not only grateful, but extremely pleased with how things look. The details of your efforts have made a wonderful transformation."
- C. Cummings

  • "We finished the trellis yesterday and it looks great. Thanks for the help and guidance that you provided."
– J. and S. Selis

  • "You guys are just great, you not only know what you are doing but you stick to the quoted price. It is very difficult to find a company like yours with such integrity."
– M. and C. Pfeifer

"Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are

never alone or weary of life"

~Rachel Carson